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Keyhole deformity after fistula surgery - help!

Has anyone had correction of a keyhole/gutter deformity?

I had fistula surgery on the 31st July 2015 (in the uk they don't seem to specify whether it's a fistulotomy/fistulectomy) for a shallow but longish anal fistula in the 6'oclock position. Everything was fine following the surgery until the 9th of September when I had food poisoning and was ill for 4 days. After that I started leaking after bowel movements and it never went away.

I seem to have a groove in my anal canal where there is no soft anal cushioning and I think stool is getting stuck in there and leaking out later. No one has absolutely confirmed this yet, I am scheduled for scans and things, but I don't have any issues with holding on, or urgency so I'm pretty convinced this is the problem, rather than muscle weakness.

I also still have a fistula tract - the surgeon didn't find what I suspect is an extra branch with no external opening. Got to have scans to find that!

Has anyone had a gutter deformity repaired? It's hard to find info on the web, some sites mention moving skin into the anal canal to fill the gap - has anyone had their leaking after bowel movements corrected?

I don't have Crohn's, but something is wrong with me! Ive had blood tests and a colonoscopy, but all came back normal. I've been diagnosed with ibs and struggle to keep things solid unless I cut out fibre completely. I'm on no medication, other than the contraceptive pill. I take vitamins, sometimes probiotics and sometimes oil of oregano.
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Have you hard a fecal calprotectin? I have been told besides Crohn's I have IBS. It is bit for everyone but my doctor gave me Levsin for the IBS. Hope you get some definite answers. Keep us updated.☺
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I should imagine if you have Crohn's then the IBS symtoms are Crohn's. IBS is just a general term for irritable bowel - usually for no known reason. If you have now been diagnosed with Crohn's then your IBS symptoms are infact Crohn's symptoms. Yes, I have heard of fecal calprotectin. I am due another blood test, but as I don't suffer any abdominal pain, or blood in stools and my colonoscopy was clear, I suspect I just have IBS like my dad. I will probably be asking for stool samples next, to rule anything else out. So far I have discovered I am intolerant to pulses and ibuprofen and have fast digestive transit. I wonder whether I have any other intolerances which I don't know about.
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Hi Maay. Crohns symptoms come in all manner of guises so dont rule it out . Some people have hardly any signs some have every symptom you would expect to have. Crohns is a tricky devil. You have to make sure one way or another . Best wishes 💕💕

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