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Marge Inman
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Įrohns diet I'm using

I don't know if any of you have tried the Atkins diet but it is working for me.Im allergic to most Crohns medicines so I've had to find away to eat better. I'm not strictly Atkins but I don't eat bread or fruit or vegetables. I got tired of not being able to grocery shop with out running to the bathroom and hoping I'd make it! I can eat hard candy and some ice cream and nuts. Just cut out the fruit,,vegetables , and bread. It seems like anything that makes me gassy makes me lose control.I've been alone with the disease forso long and its lonely.does anyone out there sleep alot with this to?
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I am glad you are doing well on the Atkins diet.
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Im happy your doing well on the diet. I do need my vegetables although i cant eat everything but i still love my veggies and some fruits
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No fruit or vegetables- where do you get your nutrition from?

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