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Sublingual B-12 results

For over the last year I have been taking sublingual B-12 instead of getting the injections. Like anything else I use, I like to test it to the best of my ability and I had my blood test yesterday and the results are in.

The range given for the test is 180 to 914 pg/ml.

My results using just the sublingual B-12 were 791.

That is substantially higher than it was while getting the monthly injections. I am quite pleased and surprised at how well it worked.

It would appear that the sublingual form is a viable alternative to the more typical injections. It should be noted that my terminal ileum was removed surgically a few years ago. it is my understanding that this area of the intestine is typically where most B-12 is processed, so there was no chance this was going on in myself.

I was taking Swansons Ultra sublingual B-12. They contain 5,000 mcg of methylcobalamin. I had no particular reason for using that brand, but I do order other supplements from them, and it was available so I gave it a try.

I also had my vitamin D checked as there really is no other way to know how much to take otherwise. At 68.1 that also was at the highest level it has been since I have been having it checked.

I had cut it back to about 22,000 iu from 27,000 iu last winter as I speculated I would absorb it better now since my intestines are in better shape than at any point in recent history. I take about 12,000 iu in the summer months.

Apparently, I am absorbing it better so I will probably cut back again to about 17,000 iu and see where I am at in another year. My goal is to stay between 60 and 80 on the blood test.

I did not see my physician since I had no compelling reason to, he did check the results and also indicated everything was normal. That included all the other blood tests they do typically besides the B-12 and D testing.

Nothing I post here is to be construed as medical advice. I am not a doctor or health professional.
They are simply my opinions.
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Taking something daily has got to be a lot better than a big dose every now and again, and we only get B12 every 3 months.

Sounds like a lot of Vitamin D.
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I agree that a more steady dose is probably better than an occasional injection. I was just surprised that it was possible to forgo the injections. I fully expected failure.

It does seem like a lot of D to take, but the amount you actually absorb is what matters. That is why I get tested regularly.


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