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Is soda bad for Crohn's Disease

I have done alot of research and I have learned that sugared drinks, soda, caffeine, etc are not the best for us "crohnes". However; I am one of those folks who has to have a drink of some sort with them. I am not a fan of water. I do like tea (iced especially) so what does everyone else drink? If water is my only alternative is flavored water okay? What about herbal teas with sweet n low......
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Hi ksa,

As time goes by, you really will find what works best for your body. I can have my one cup of coffee and be fine. If I exceed my limit I run into trouble. A lot of artificial sweeteners can bother me more than regular sugar??? You may want to eliminate things and then slowly reintroduce them to see what effect if any they have on you....Good luck
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Hi Ksa, I find that coffee is a real no no as are any fizzy drinks - have real sweet tooth and used to use a lot of sweeteners but find sugar is the lesser of two evils - when my tummy particularly bad I find green tea is soothing and also soya milk as ordinary milk not good - hope you find this of use.
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ha, i foolishly had some cola today... and as i type, i feel some faint pain coming on. it's so not worth it. i was already full when i drank the pop, but just HAD to go and force some down.

we'll see how i make out tonight... lol

p.s. - i normally drink water, cranberry juice or green tea.
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I hardley EVER drink soda, however I drink a lot of coffee and iced tea. Doesn't bother me. I drink a lot of water, gatorade, and things like that. I can also drink beer and milk with no bad crohn's effects. (Just not together! LOL)
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