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Conceiving and sulfasalazine

I am currently on 3,000 mg of sulfasalazine for my UC. I go back to my primary doctor in March to hopefully have my dosage changed to the maintenance dose of 2,000 mg. I have not had a flare since April of last year (2015) when I was diagnosed after spending a week in the hospital. My husband and I are wanting to start having children. Have any of you been pregnant while on sulfasalazine and breastfed? I haven't spoken to my primary or OB/GYN about this yet just wanted some information before hand. Also what prenatal vitamins would you recommend? Thanks for any help!
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I haven't been on Sulfasalazine but was on Remicade through most of my pregnancy. Little guy is 15 months now and doing great. I did have to get my Crohns into remission before I could get pregnant. We tried for a long time but I think I was always a little flared. I did the One a day prenatal vitamins or the ones my dr prescribed. I did go off the Remicade the last trimester and then breastfed for 4 months. I switched medications to Cimzia. I really don't recommend switching meds. I've had problem after problem since. I think with the hormone changes and stuff i should have just stayed with what was familiar. But good luck to you
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When we were trying to conceive my GI changed my meds from Sulfasalazine to Colazal. He said the sulfa part was not good in last trimester or breastfeeding I thought. I would mention it to both doctors.
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