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Colonoscopy when pregnant?

Hi all! I was diagnosed with crohn's when I was 17, and was blessed not to have a flair again until now at the age of 34! And this time it's totally different in terms of symptoms. I have bloody diarrhea. I go 10+ times/day. I've had the bleeding for several months and the frequency of diarrhea is getting worse. I've had labs done and CRP and sed rate are high indicating this is likely a flair. I'm not anemic, but I do have low iron.

Anyway, since it's been so long since my last flair, I would imagine they need to scope me to see what's really going on. But has anyone had a colonscopy in pregnancy? Is it safe?

Also, I'm worried about not absorbing nutrients and it affecting the health of the baby. I'm currently 7 weeks. I take a prenatal and iron with vitamin B12/folate. Anything else that's good to take?

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Congrats! I replied in the other post, my GI did not do a colonoscopy during pregnancy but I spent most of the pregnancy in a flare :/. Hopefully, since you are diagnosed, your dr will give you medicine (mine did not). I've taken prednisone and cortisteriods during my pregnancies (due to asthma issues, but it's the same medicines for Crohn's flare ups sometimes)

Good luck!
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Thanks so much for the reply and glad to hear that your baby turned out healthy despite the flair. The blood diarrhea has actually been going since my last pregnancy, but my OB also blew it off saying it was probably just hemorrhoids, but now it's just getting worse. It's taken me forever to get a GI appointment, and here I am pregnant again! I hope the Dr. can do something for me.
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Hi, its unfortunate you appear to be in a flare. if you go to colonoscopy, make sure you are fully sedated. You dont want a very painful and stressfull experience while pregnant. The doctor could start with a simple rectoscopy (only looking at last part of the colon). This is shorter version and a lot less painful. maybe the doctor will propose some alternative exams, but indeed colonoscopy is exam of choice for colonic disease. being pregnant with those symptoms should make you a priority, make it clear you are pregnant in your GI request. The OB should be able to fix and push for a emergency appointment, push for it. The last thing doctors want is a flaring pregnant woman. I'd go tho the emergency of your hospital if no news in the next days. With several bloody diarrheas per day, this is considered an emergency. Hopefully you will meet proactive doctors who will put you directly in contact with a GI. I would really argue hard for it and not take no for an answer. wishing you well.

*****EDIT!!!, I just re-read your symptoms... 10 times /day bloody D, no GI... Go to the emergency right away, pregnant or not, good luck.
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I was flaring up at the beginning of my pregnancies as well but then things seem to settle a few more weeks into the pregnancies without any meds and felt awesome throughout the entire pregnancies. I would definitely make it real clear that you are expecting!! If your OB is not taking your symptoms seriously I would go to emerg. They could make sure you are not dehydrated and check your levels to make sure all is safe for you and baby. Anyway of moving up your GI appt if you tell them you are pregnant and flaring up? I would think you are a priority patient in this case.
My flare ups got worse after having my second. Lasted years actually until last resort was surgery. I really hope things get better for you. Keep us posted.
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I have the same story as valb. Initially I was a bit flared but then felt great the rest of my pregnancy crohns-wise. However after having my kiddo that's when all of my crohns issues started, i've been flared or had cdiff since i stopped breastfeeding. My kiddo is super healthy though and very smart. I was worried about not getting enough nutrients too, he was very small when born but like I said he's doing well.
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I was told they wouldn't do a colonoscopy if I was pregnant. They even have me take a pregnancy test before the procedure.

I hope you feel better soon! Congratulations on the pregnancy!
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Thanks for the replies. I started to feel better the first week I found out I as pregnant, but now it seems worse again. I'm in Israel, and so it's been challenging getting used to the health care system here and the language barrier, but I think I'm finally making progress.I FINALLY got into see the GI and I have a sigmoidoscopy scheduled on Tue. I guess it's safer b/c there's no sedation. I'm hoping after that, I can get started on meds to resolve the flair.

Also, even though I go t the bathroom frequently, not much comes out each time, so I don't feel like it's an emergency.

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