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I have been on 100mg of Imuran for 5 Years and have been on Prednisone at least 15 times in the same span. After many of NON remission, I got a new Dr and we started Humira. Unfortunetly Humira did nothing and I started another flare. I cannot seem to taper off of 30mg of Prednisone. As soon as I taper another 5mg I flare again.

I have been losing an alarming amount of hair recently.
Has this happened to anyone that has been on the the trifecta that is Imuran/Prednisone/Humira?

Also I am extremely emotional, have really bad muscle/joint pain and also do not get very much sleep.

Dr wants to try Stelara. Anyone try it yet? Trying to get it approved through Janssen because it is not approved here in Canada for the treatement of CD.

Thank you in advance everyone! Its so nice to see that we are not alone!

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I am currently on Stelara and my doctor found active disease in my body in December. I also have active psorasis which Stelara is supposed to be good for also. Not everyone is the same though.

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