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Microscopic Collitis?

Like I told you in "my story", Iīm still undiagnose after 21 year suffering from pain and diarreas. Looking at previous exams, I found my colonoscopy from 2004 - which came out clean, like every other exam Iīve made. The only sign of any desease came up in the biopsy, that revealed inflammation in the cells from illeum, left and right colon, with blood and white cells. I wonder if that means microscopic collitis... Except that no doctor has ever talked to me about this condition (!!!!). Doctors just claim they "donīt have enough information", but from what Iīve read microscopic collitis is precisely when all exams come out clean, but you can see an inflammation of the cells if you make a biopsy...

Do you think I should bring this up with my GE?
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They said the thought it could be IBD, I took Asacol for sometime but then another doc took me off of it. I think it helped, but Iīm just not sure it was the medicine or the diet or the time...

But they had doubts if it was IBD or IBS, which means "no inflamation, but your bowel doesnīt know how to move the right way - hence the symptoms".
21 years is a hell of a long time, but you have to think I began with the symptoms and doctors saga when I was 5 and the doc didnīt want to perform any invasive exams since I didnīt have any complications and was responding ok to treatments. The real saga began when I was 15 (thatīs when they mentioned the IBS x IBD doubts. Well, thatīs 11 years. Loooong time. Right now Iīm just really pissed off that Iīm not getting any treatment.

Any new doc I go to complaining of being tired and nauxeous say I might be pregnant (since I was 15), but these are usually the signs of my flare-ups coming by. Then they send me to get tested for parasytes (since i live in Brazil, ghiardia & entamoeba are real possibilities), but itīs never the case. Itīs just that Iīve been there soooo many times and no one figures it out.
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If it was me, I would keep pushing and see new GI's until you find one you trust. I was also diagnosed with Microscopic Colitis, then switched docs and Vwaaallaa, I have Crohns!! lol Best of luck to you hun
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