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After a recent MRI and 17 months of flaring my doc has mentioned that we might need to head down the surgery route, and it's up to me whether we do or not at the moment. I have a 6cm stricture from scar tissue and all meds so far have not worked.

He has put me on humira on top of aza to see if it improves symptoms but said despite potential surgery he wants me on humira anyway. I am having a hard time tapering pred at the moment too. He said my disease has progressed rapidly in 6 months since my last scope which concerns him.

I am not hugely sick, but sick enough for it to be a daily problem. I am concerned about the stricture causing a blockage and ending up getting emergency surgery. I suspect I get partial obstructions but I am not entirely sure. I am scared though that a resection is drastic and not warranted yet...

Has anyone had a resection under similar circumstances? I'd really just like my life to improve and I am wondering if perhaps a resection will achieve that. They just can't seem to get me in remission at the moment and its putting my life on hold
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I ended up with a bowel obstruction and in the ER; they told me that I needed emergency surgery. Mine didn't go as planned and I ended up with a stoma for about 6 months. Besides getting used to having the stoma, I felt the best I had in 3 years.

I just had my reversal surgery last month and besides diarrhea and some gas pains from Imodium, I am feeling great. I have read that my bowel habits will take some time to get back to normal.
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Yes, I had similar circumstances. Just a day to day nuisance, enough that it really effected my quality of life, mood, activities... I kept thinking if I just eat well, take meds it will get better, but it doesn't, at least not if it is scar tissue. I had the surgery and felt way better on a day to day basis. I still take meds and deal with the whole crohn's thing, but not nearly as bad. I wish I had done it sooner. surgery sucks, but so does living with stricture day to day...
Good luck
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I was in the hospital three separate times in 2010 because of a bowel obstruction. They did a resection on me. It took a fee months for things to calm down. Best to you.
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If you are having symptoms associated with scar tissue then unfortunately surgery will be your only option. The reason being, medication will not treat scar tissue as it can't penetrate it to heal the area. Any relief you may have from medication will only be a bandaid solution as the root cause will remain.

Both of my children have had resections, although for different complications to yours. One was planned and the other an emergency and it is always far better both outcome and recovery wise if your surgery is planned. I would speak with the GI and ask the likelihood of the stricture leading to obstruction, explain your thoughts on the fact that you feel you may already be having partial obstructions and establish with him if you decide not to have surgery right now what time frame is he thinking about. By that I mean, has he said to you…I envisage that surgery will be required in the 6 months?
If surgery is required sooner rather than later then perhaps it would be best to start planning the process now.
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