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My List of Symptoms-(not intestinal)

Here are a list of all my symptoms that are not intestinal related, just in case anyone else has had weird symptoms and can relate:

Swollen tear ducts
Rib pain (feels like a bruise)
Hot spots on skin
Swollen gums
Arthritis that moves joints about every 3 days
Migraines: Including a Complex migraine that acted like a stroke and optical migraines.
Anxiety: Panic attacks and depression
Heart palpitations
lump in the throat feeling -lasted a few hours

All of these symptoms came and went, one at a time, seems like each symptom lasted about 3 months or so and faded away. The anxiety comes and goes. I'm currently on heart palpitations.

The things I find that help the most are Turmeric supplements, magnesium supplements and probiotics. If I keep up on the supplements, the symptoms are minimal to none. Im not on any other medication. currently, my intestines have been in normal operation. Tai Chi and my hot tub have also helped.
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Hi amyh,

I have weird extra intestinal symptoms too. When I eat something that I react to I get systemic reactions that tend to go through all the body systems. Like weird head pressure, almost like sinus issues, palpitations, low blood pressure, panic attacks and random joint pains. I feel like garbage for a couple of months until the inflammation clears my body. I have determined that I don't do well with fructose and artificial sweeteners. I have had a bad reaction after honey and sorbitol. I will get diarrhea with not a lot of blood, but blood then get all of these reactions for a couple of months. Since I was diagnosed with crohns 2 years ago, I have felt I had food intolerance issues, otherwise I feel fine. I am currently on no medications just on a few supplements. Eating a very clean diet and biding my time till I need to go on the big gun meds. I wish you well and hope you find a way to cope with all of this too! Take care😊
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I have anxiety and psorasis and depression.
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Does anyone else's anxiety seem sporadic or randomly triggered if both otherwise but sudden increases in stress or high environmental temperatures?
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Right there with the swollen gums, arthritis that moves joints ( a few of my fingers are now deformed), migraines, anxiety and heart palpitations.

Just in case the cramping and diarrhea aren't enough!


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