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Humira and morning sickness

So I'm 8 weeks pregnant! Its been a long journey to get here, and I've been in a pretty perfect remission on Humira for 6 months.

But oh, the morning sickness. I have been so sick since week 6. Puking, all day/ night nausea, diarrhea intermixed with constipation (say what?!). Headaches, major food aversions. Eating and cooking has become my enemy. And I can't decide if I'm having crohns symptoms or if this is part of the journey?

Then on Friday night I had my humira shot and since then, I have almost been feeling like a normal person. No puking, a lot less nausea. No headaches.

So now I'm freaking out that I shouldn't be feeling this good, and I'm wondering, does the Humira have an effect on the morning sickness? Or am I miscarrying? Or should I just relax and enjoy a few days of feeling better?

Has anyone had similar experiences on Humira? I'm going crazy here
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Hi, I have just seen your post, I am sorry you have been having a rough time.
I have not been on humira, but I would suggest that you check with your doctor and ask what he/she thinks. It may be due to you being due for your injection. Or maybe morning sickness has run it's course.
Sorry I can't be of more help. Best wishes n hope all goes smoothly with the baby. Congratulations by the way ☺👶💕

6yrs since dxd. 4yrs in remission.. in remission since march 2014, dxd july 2012, ileostomy march2014, reversed feb 2015 all's good so far

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