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Heat sensitivity?

Lately I've been noticing that I'm having reactions to heat.
Like in a hot shower or bath, which was so soothing last week. I feel flush, faint and dizzy at the regular temperature I shower in... Bit of a bummer, as it was a good way to get relief from belly pains!
Anyone else experience that?
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Hot showers/baths for me are fine, but I am definitely affected by hot and humid weather. If I go outside and especially if I exert myself in the summer heat and humidity, my guts cramp up horribly. I can get away with being outside for little bits at a time, but my body lets me know if it's had enough of the heat and humidity. Not fun.
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My body does much better in tbe heat but I get tired quickly and dizzy and light headed too. My guess is we are dehydrated and probably lacking many needed nutrients which makes us pretty physically/ mentally exhausted as is. Add heat to that combination and we will for sure feel it!! My body hates the cold and it's so painful to be cold bit I don't get the dizzy spells that I get when warm. I still choose being hot over cold any day!!! Haha!

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