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Surgery Update

I'd thought I'd update everyone after my surgery(which was 2/16). The surgery went well, they removed 22cm of colon. Mostly my splenic flexure and a little of the transverse colon. I spent 10 days in the hospital before being released. There were a few things that extended my stay. It took a while to get my pain under control and I had some nausea. There were a couple of evenings where I threw up. I would recommend at all costs to avoid vomiting after abdominal surgery. Very painful. Here are a few things I would recommend to those who are facing surgery:
1. Get up and walk as much as possible. It will get your gut moving and keep you from getting too weak from lying in bed. It can be hard to get motivated to walk but make sure your nurses help you.
2. Be cognizant of every pill/medication they give you. They kept wanting to give me ibuprofen, I refused. I've had that stuff put me in a flare before.
3. Stay on top of your pain control. I had trouble getting the right pain medication. This caused me to not walk as I should have, lose my appetite not to mention the emotional turmoil that pain creates.
4. I found that the residents who come in each morning were very reactionary and stuck to textbook protocols without taking in everything about my background. For example, I had low blood pressure day after surgery. So they reduced my epidural from a 10 to a 3. I am someone who naturally has low blood pressure. The pain started to kick in and they had to give me more opioids which slowed down my GI tract. It was after this that I lost my appetite and couldnít eat. Then my sodium levels came back low(barely in the low range). So they restricted my water. I have a temporary ileostomy, from everything Iíve heard you donít restrict water for someone with an ostomy. Of course after I ate my mashed potatoes with salt, my sodium levels were fine the next day. But the doctors had not changed the water restrictions in my chart so I had to get the nurse to track them down and change it. Then later my ostomy output was too much so they wanted me to take metamucil and lomotil. I told them I didnít want to go overboard and have it swing to constipation so I would only take the metamucil. So I guess I would just recommend paying attention to what treatment you are given and questioning it if you donít feel itís right.
As for me now, itís 2 weeks post surgery. I feel pretty good all things considered. Right now most of my pain is from my JP drain. Canít wait to get this thing pulled. It feels like I have a knitting needle shoved into my abdomen. Makes walking painful. I have a follow up appointment with the surgeon tomorrow and Iíll see how long I have to keep it in. Iím also going to see if he knows how long Iíll have to have the ileostomy. He told me 2 months but the ostomy nurse said she doubted that and it would likely be at least 4 months
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I am glad your surgery went well.
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Thanks for the update! Glad to see you are doing ok all things considering. Good luck with your surgeon appt
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Hi Eridon. Glad it went well. Mmm med contridictions can happen. Wise to keep an eye on what they give you. Ibuprofen for a crohnie what the hell!!! Like this disease aint bad enough to suffer, we have to suffer idiot medics as well 😠
Best wishes n hope things only get better for you 💕

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