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Does anyone else have floaters in their eyes?
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I do, but I have demyelinating disease. My floaters are associated with my brain lesions.
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I have had floaters for years, and don't have any concerns about them. I sometimes flick them around by moving my eyes, the round ones look like flying cannon balls.
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Ye i have them now n then. Had them on n off for years. Dont think theres an issue.will probably resolve its self soon. Double check with doc if your are concered tho Ron. 💕💕
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well i only see stars floating but its from my bp
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I get floaters constantly but a recent check up by the ophthalmologist did not find anything untoward.....apart from dry eyes...he gave me drops for those at least four times a day but more frequently the better...his words
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I have them occasionally. Not very often bough, probably every few months. Have been to my optometrist at least every 1-2 years (I'm nearsighted) and never mentioned an issue with it
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when I am having a hard time I usually see my eye Dr. Back in the day when I received my first Dx of CD, it was actually based on the eye Dr calling my GI and telling him it looks like I had an inflammatory process going on.


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Waiting for the ok from my Ins company to restart Remicade. Will also start Imuron to get into remission!
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