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How did you receive +/- test results

Two questions in one here.

I had a biopsy last week of my TI during a colonoscopy as GI said it was inflamed. The day of biopsy, they said results would be back in about a week. They said that if the results came back with something of interest or needed further testing, they would call. If negative, they would mail me a letter with the findings. Today was the one week mark. No call. So I called them. The receptionist said the dr stated he wanted a follow up appt. If it was good news (negative biopsy - not really good because I'm back at square one), wouldn't they tell me over the phone? Or at least say the letter is in the mail - something other than a follow up?

If further testing was needed, would he want to follow up before making appts for other tests? - during my 1st appt, when we scheduled the colonoscopy, I overheard the receptionist calling a patient and said the dr wants further testing... So I would assume they would have done the same for me.

I was just referred by my PCP to this dr 2/3 weeks ago. So I'm unsure how his office works - but in your experiences, do you normally get good news over the phone? And are any further tests completed prior to return visit?

Thanks so much!

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Having worked for a Dr, who is great dr, if something showed up on tests he would call them right away, it was my experience- if a test was something other than normal the Dr usually knew very quickly. Example- I drew blood for a routine physical on a pt. I came in the next morning - results came in at the same time- I called the Dr with the abnormal results. The Dr I worked for laughed and said I was already late- the pt was in the hosp and chemo already started. So blood draw at 4, chemo by 1 am. Very unexpected for a routine physical.
The point being they don't sit on negative results. Having a pt come back in may indicate results were as expected or they need to do additional tests depending on how you still feeling or it led to a dx you had previously talked about.

Hope that helped and I didnt lose you with that explanation

good luck, i hope all goes well


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