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UK - Travel insurance

My DD is currently living in the UK. Her travel insurance that we purchase before she left Australia is coming to a end.

A few questions:-

Is she able to purchase a annual travel policy that would provide cover for trips to Europe and UAE?

Does anyone know what companies would cover Crohn's?

She is covered while in England under NHS. Is she also covered in Scotland and Ireland?

Many thanks
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I have an annual policy covering my Crohn's in Europe (I haven't needed to ask about anywhere else. I pay a small premium on top of our family policy to cover me (about 25, I think). That is with First Direct. I haven't made any claims so I don't know how they perform on that score.

Previously I had a policy with American Express. I only changed as the FD quote was more competitive.

I'm afraid I'm not up to date with the different situations in Scotland or Northern Ireland. Mainland Ireland is part of the EU so I guess those rules apply.

Sorry I'm not much more help!
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I,ve used John Lewis a few times and they were pretty competitive and didn,t load my premium up.

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