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Post Rotator Cuff Repair - I hurt all over

Crohn's Disease nearly 30 years. Was on Humira for 5 years, but had to go off of it last October due to chronic sinus issues. Now on no meds for CD.

In January, I had rotator cuff repair on my left shoulder. It was a large tear and separated from the bone. I also had some bone spurs removed. The first couple of weeks post surgery seemed normal; however, weeks 3 I felt like my entire body had an inflammation going on. My wrists hurt badly (like they have done off and on since my crohn's dx). I ached all over and my shoulder was on fire. The skin in my shoulder area actually became very sensitive (hyper sensitive)... even my hair brushing on it hurt. Now I'm bordering on frozen shoulder and the pain in my arm is like a toothache pain that keeps me up at night. I'm still going to PT for my shoulder 3 times a week.

I feel like I had a major inflammatory response likely triggered by the Humira going out of my system and the surgery. I have a new GI and he just said to go to my primary doc. Not wanting to sit in a waiting room with a bunch of sick people right now (the upper respiratory is really running through our county).

Do my symptoms sound familiar to anyone else?
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Some years ago I had a very painful right shoulder because of a fall.
Turned out to be a bursa with rapid response from ultrasound treatments for six weeks.
No way compares with yours but it might help to ask the PT about it...might help some of the pain
Have you seen a rheumatologist they can be helpful.
A friend of mine had rotator cuff injury through a fall and he had problems after surgery for months.....he was not a cronie though.
I am sorry for all the unremitting pain you are experiencing and someone should be helping
You a lot more than it seems.
Feel better soon

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