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Low Vitamin D

I have had very low vitamin d levels in the past. Looking for some info on what stops it being absorbed/retained?
I have
Not had my levels tested again recently as the government in its wisdom decided to stop funding the test and I forgot to ask the last few times (too much else going on).
I am not currently diagnosed, going through the process but it seems like all these unrelated pieces fit together.

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I can't explain why but it seems that people with IBD have a problem with absorbing nutrients. I hope your numbers are up next time you are tested.
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You should be able to get the vitamin d testing for free. The GP needs to give a reason for testing.

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I dont know if this is a usual thing or because I have other illnesses that mean im housebound a lot so dont go in the sun, but my specialist automatically sent me for a blood test to see if I was deficiant in everything vitamin wise. Turns out I had a huge vitamin D deficiancy so am on long term medication. I never even considered theyd be reluctant to test. Surely as we seem to be prone to it, they would always keep an eye on it?!
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I'm in Australia and it used to be free testing but too many tests were being ordered so they took it off the list. I know that sounds ridiculous! Anyway I can pay but I need to remember to ask amongst everything else as now they are more reluctant to order it. I was just interested in what the prevalence and link to IBD was.

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I am also in Australia and my daughter has been a bulk billed vitamin d test this year.
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Can't make suggestions on dealing with Australian healthcare system, but common sense says that any vitamin deficiency should be viewed as possible troublemaker and therefore should be considered as thing that needs close attention from your healthcare team - just attract their attention to this matter. It is good idea to make list of questions in the notebook before going to your doctor and ask everything one by one - then you'll not forget a thing.

"What stops witamin D from being absorbed?" - gut inflamation definetely can lower vitamins/nutrients absorption - it's sounds natural that weakened or damaged organ (bowel) can't make its job properly (absorbing nutrients from food). Indoor style of life definetely lowers vit. D production in the body too.

Vitamin D is known for its positive effect on both Crohn's progression and colorectal cancer prevention. Interestingly, if you'll take a look at Crohn's as mycobacterium avium paratuberculosis (MAP) infection, it makes a huge sense because another mycobacterium infection - tuberculosis - was treated in pre-antibiotic and pre-vitamin era in sanatoriums guess by what? - exactly! - by sun exposure.

If you will stick with taking vit. D supplements in the future (which I strongly reccomend - I'm taking it myself in order to keep vit. D levels above optimal and below toxic levels ("treating level")), I'd suggest to take it with biggest and fattest meal - it may increase absorption up to 30% so you'll normalize your levels faster.

And you should take advantages of living in low latitudes in sunny Australia - natural vit. D from the sun is always preferred before taking some chemical pills.

All the best wishes!


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This last flare I had my D3 levels were very low. They have me taking 50000 units of D3 weekly.
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I upped my D3 intake to 2000 units a day. Vit D deficiency is actually quite common in the U.S. because we spend most of the time inside during our workdays. But us Crohnies take Vit D deficiency to all new lows! To me low Vit D is just part of this nasty disease.
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