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Birth Control On Infliximab

Hey All,

I am in a severe flare of my crohns disease and my consultant is in the process of obtaining funding for Infliximab.

I have a long time partner who is on the pill for birth control. I have a question for the guys or a partner of a man taking Infliximab.

Should I be concerned of exposing my partner to the byproduct of Infliximab in my Semen? Can me and partner continue with my other half taking the pill or is it wise to use a condom for a period after the infusion?


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I was pregnant while on infliximab.. So I don't know why it would be an issue.
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I don't know of any concerns regarding a male partner on Remicade and any interaction with bodily functions/products.

As Jamie said, people have been pregnant while on Remicade.

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