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Work,Immune System and Crohns

I've been diagnosed with Crohns since 2011. I left a job about 10 months ago where I was protected with FMLA. I love my current job but the Imuran wipes out my immune system and I've been out of work a lot, either with a Crohns flare or every virus someone brings into work. I've already been written up for being out too much and am currenly out now with a flu like virus thats had me in bed for 4 days and to the Dr twice. Part of my last write up is that I have to bring Dr's notes in when I'm out now, that isn't a problem, but I'm still worried I'm going to get fired. What do you do when you want to work but seem to catch every bug and can't stay well?! I plan on getting on FMLA if I'm still at this job at the one year mark, praying I am! Advice on what to do in the mean time?
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Imuran doesn't cause you to get more everyday viruses
Ds was on 6-mp in 2-3 grade and biologics after that plus immunosuppressants
For grade 3 to 6.
Tons off snot nosed coughing kids in elementary school
Ds didn't get any sicker
It makes you more likely to get opportunistic infections such as tag alongs with the flu ( pneumonia )
Did you get a flu shot ?

As far as work I know doc excuses go a long way
I have fmla to take care of Ds when he flares so I understand the balance
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I did get the flu shot this year. Drs this week dont think that's what this is, though it sure feels like it. I've told my Dr in the past it seems like if I'm around anyone with a virus, I end up with it no matter how many times I wash hands etc. Also frustrating when others come to work sick as expose everyone else. All I can do at this point is provide the Drs notes, just not sure if it will be enough anymore
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Things to think about
Immunodefeciency can mimic crohns and cause you to constantly be sick when others are not
It more common in kids dx before the age of 10 with crohns
But thought I would throw it out there
Hope you are feeling better soon

I found in our family vitamin D is low for everyone
Once we all were checked out by the doctor for vitamin D levels as a family we stated to take vitamin D per the doc
And suddenly I was less sick

Again might be worth getting a level checked
Hope you feel better
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I work in a hospital and as an EMT, have always been on either remicade or cimzia.. I'm now on remicade and imuran. I just wash my hands a ton. If i feel a cold coming on, I start taking zinc and vitamin c like crazy. Pretty much, make sure you get enough rest, drink a lot of water, take vitamins.. It will help you stay healthier. I rarely miss work. (However, I had a microperforation of my bowel and only missed a half day of work to go to the ER, so I'm not sure how good of an example I am, haha I tough out just about anything)

I agree with Penguin about the vitamin D thing too. That can help a lot.

I would find your limit, see if you can push yourself a little more.. If you can't then just keep adjusting things until you at least find out how you're getting sick (cold and other junk-wise) and try to reduce that exposure.

Also, bring a mask to work if ppl are exposing you there.. When it's flu season, I tend to just wear a mask all day the week of my remicade infusion.
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