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Prunella Vulgaris

The common name for this plant is "self heal" It acts by inhibiting the activation of the NF-kB pathway of which NOD2 is a part of. NOD2 mutations are associated with Crohn's disease. There are a few theories on NOD2's role in CD but one is "NOD2 acts as a negative regulator following bacterial stimulation of the cell surface receptor toll-like receptor-2, and that the CD-associated mutations result in a loss of this “brake” on the immune response leading to elevated NFkB" Thought I would share this since I find it very interesting. I actually have some Prunella Vulgaris growing in my yard. I think I will make some tea with it and see how it goes...

"Nutraceutical efficacy in experimental animal
models of inflammatory bowel disease"

"Orally administered extract from Prunella vulgaris attenuates spontaneous colitis in mdr1a-/- mice"

"Association of NOD2 with Crohn's disease"

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