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Vitamin D as a therapy?


Vitamin D is considered as a possible therapy in this article.


The correlation between disease activity/severity of disease and vitamin d status has been showed already.

Any personal experience on vitamin d?
I used to have quite a high vitamin d blood concentration (now average with supplementation) when I supplemented it to the highest allowed dose, but was not symptom free at all. Of course, there are so many factors that my personal view does not say anything. At least it seems to be helpful supplementing vitamin d and get the blood values checked from time to time.
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It will suppress some symptoms, but not all, higher doses will just be toxic. I take 2000iu in winter and 1000iu in summer. for someone with a lot of diarrhea that may not be absorbing fat from their diet, they might need a bit more like upper level 4-5000iu.
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