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Problem with Humira.Side effect or Allergy?

Hello everybody. I am sorry to be posting every other day about Humira but I am really concerned at the moment.

Did my 2nd loading dose last Tuesday. Tuesday night felt kinda dizzy but laid down for few hours and i was fine. No fever, no syptoms.

Wednesday and Thursday i was fine all day. Talked with my doctor and he said to check my blood pressure because some times (really rarely) allergies develop late and with blood pressure drops. Was taking my blood pressure daily with no problem.

Friday morning (after a really hard working thursday) I started developing a fever that went up to 40 celcius (104 farneheit). Took 1gr of paracetamol and the fever dropped in the next 6 hours. Of course when the fever was 40 degrees of celcius I called my doctor who mentioned that if i get signs of upper respiratory infection i should call right away to prescribe antibiotics. He also mentioned to call me if the fever rose more.

Anyway fever dropped and i was feeling perfect on friday night. Woke up saturday with no fever, had a great day with no syptoms at all.

Today same thing again my temperature started rising with no other syptoms and reached about 39.3 (about 103). I still have fever right now and I took acetaminophen again.

Now the case is that fortunately or unfortunately for me I work in the medical field and more precisely I am an oral surgeon with specialization in periodontics. Therefore, my understanding on the crohns theory is pretty good.
However, this syptom of random fever is really weird. I would like to ask if anybody had this random fever (with no other syptoms) while on humira. Of course i will let my doctor know but hearing people with similar experiences is always pretty important as well.

Love ya all.
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I have only had the one dose with no issues. There is a section in here called Treatment with a subsection called Humira. You can also try posting there. I hope you get some answers and feel better.

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