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Has anyone had anything similar

So I got diagnosed 3 years ago with crohns , just coming upto a year on my first surgery, recently had a colonoscopy which showed ulcerations again aza isn't controlling it enough but takes so long for doctors to do anything 😁 But in the last week I've developed a nasty ulcer just below my knee, which has made my leg swell and was solid black, it popped the other day but just isn't healing, the open wound is like the size of a 1 coin and then then had a solid red area which is very warm and then a lighter red which spreads down the majority of my leg, gets very painful to walk as u can imagine and swells ... Has anyone ever had anything similar? Going to the doctors, assuming it will be a course of antibiotics 😕 Sorry if this is in the wrong section btw
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I don't think that it has anything to do with your Crohns, But you really need to go to the doctor or even the ER. Because it sounds like a really BAD UGLY infection!!!

So if you doctor's appointment isn't tomorrow I would go to the ER! Because if the infection gets so deep that it go's in to the bloodstream you are further from home!

Hope you will have some answers soon and it heals fast!

Good luck, Maud
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