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Why does needing a wee make me poop?

Hi everyone!

Just after a bit of advice or info really from fellow chronies as I think this is a bit of a strange one, and I don't know if I'm the only one out there with this problem!

Well I've had crohns for ten years, I'm always in a level of some type of inflammation but it's manageable and I take humira to help control it a little.

My problem is that when I really need a wee, and I go to the toilet, I can't seem to have a wee without a bit of D coming out too. This doesn't happen when I normally go for a wee, only when I really need a big wee. I can usually hold in D on a normal basis, but I can't let a big wee out without letting D out too. This might sound crazy, but I'd love to know if anybody has the same problem, and if they know why it happens. I try not to drink too much in one go so it doesn't happen, but sometimes before I know it I'm holding in a wee and I know what's going to happen when I go the toilet which isn't great at dinner parties!

Thanks everyone
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Could be the inflammation from your crohns triggers the movement...if your bladder is full to bursting the pressure could cause the BM.
If it worries you maybe it's something to mention at your next GI check up
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Yes - I get the same feeling. I don't know if I always get D but it often feels like I could/have to go. I have Crohns in the colon - I don' t know if it matters. Good Luck - Joe

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