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Natural ways to help reduce inflammation...

My GI recently told me that the only thing left that might help me is a biologic. I'm not keen on this type of med and the side effects. I was hoping to find natural ways to reduce the inflammation and help prevent future flare ups!
I'm currently trying Omega 3, Turmeric capsules.
Any suggestions?
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There is a section called Treatment. You might want to repost there and see if they have any suggestions.
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If looking for new medication ideas you might ask for a prescription of low dose naltrexone (LDN). It helps some but not all. It has few negative side effects. LDN can be read about in the treatment section here.
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Blonie6-have you ever been tested for food allergies? I was tested in 2013, using blood tests (costs more, but more accurate I was told). Found out I am highly allergic to wheat. Haven't eaten wheat (intentionally) since, and not on any meds for Crohn's. MRI in Oct 2015 shows NO signs of active Crohn's, and CRP is <.10! GI says remission! I do also use CBD oil, vitamin D3, Vitamin B12 (sublinquinally) and juice several times a week.
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I didn't fancy jumping into a long-term medication either.

I've just got myself some CBD hemp oil. It's known as a natural anti-inflammatory and completely legal as long as it doesn't contain the THC (part that gets you high).
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