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Update on abscess/boil!

Hey everyone,

Okay, so I went to the dermatologist yesterday about this Lump I had right next to my vagina. The dermatologist said it looked like a little abscess. She lanced it and drained it and sent it to the lab to see what bacteria may be in there. I wont get those results for 3 to 4 days. Anyhow, she put a gauze on it and taped it there and said to try to keep it dry as possible for 24 hours. FYI, Never let any doctor put any kind of adhesive tape on you down there!! It took my hubby and I over 20 minutes trying to remove it using rubbing alcohol to try and get the tape off!!! What a nightmare. I mean seriously, why would she put that kind of tape in that area with all the pubic hair!?!!? As for keeping it dry, Yeah right! Due to it's location, every time I pee it will run all over it! Needless to say it has been a nightmare to manage this. Every time I pee I Have to hold gauze and a saran wrap over the thing and I end up peeing all over my hand in the process.

I plan to take a shower this morning since it will be almost 24 hours.

I have a couple questions. Okay so she lanced it and drained it, but it still feels like a hard lump there. I asked her if it would go away or if the abscess would come back. She said hopefully not, but it is possible. She said she would have to do a little surgery to cut that area out ( like the sack I am guessing where all that gook was in). I hope it does not come to that because I do not want to deal with bandages in this area. It is too hard and near impossible to keep dry and sterile. My question is, How does a person even get an abscess down there??? I asked her if it was from an ingrown hair and she said it could be. She said there was some puss and clear liquidy stuff in there as well as some blood. She offered antibiotics but I declined. I am allergic to most and have too many issues with them. She gave me an antibacterial ointment instead to put on ( munisoprin) I probably spelled that wrong.

Have any ladies on here ever gotten an abscess down there? I am guessing this is similar to a boil right?? This is first time I ever had to have one lanced like this. I had something like three years back where I got this little hard lump under the skin( just how this one started) but I it went away on it's own. This one obviously did not. What causes this, and how do I prevent it from happening again?? I have not been diagnosed with Crohns, my GI keeps saying I Have IBS. I know some crohn's patients can get abscesses. Does Crohn's causes abscesses/boils like this to just pop up in or near the vulva/vagina or is this common in everyone?

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