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Need some ideas!!

I'm currently on my second round of moviprep and I swear to God I cannot drink all this. It's absolutely disgusting. I'm chasing it with cordial which is making marginally easier but I know I can't get the whole lot down.

I'm tired, hungry and feeling so peed off.. how can I get this down??

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Yeah, its awful. Its something you just have to tough out. If you feel like you are actually going to vomit then take a longer break between drinking it again while you slowly sip water.
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I was told to try mixing it with something else - apple juice for instance. Found I couldn't drink apple juice for a while afterwards. Good luck on your prep.
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Oh I feel for you. I was admitted as an inpatient in Feb and they tried to give me Moviprep even though I was already vomiting. Just couldn't get enough of it down me. So they gave me enemas until I was clear. I was feeling so awful I cried!
Don't think they do enemas for day patients though.
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Use a drinking straw ? That way you can avoid the tongue so therefore the taste.
I would try very hard to get through it,it's the worst part of a colonoscopy,I think.If you're not "clear" they might send you home to try another day.Good Luck.
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I agree with Scottsma...the drinking straw has helped me a great deal the last few scopes I have had. Still bulks up on me somewhat, but the taste is far less invasive. Good luck!
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Eviebaby,hope you managed to get it down and your 'scope went ok.
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I put ice in it. It goes down easier if it is ice cold.

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