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Not sure what I have now

Hi all, hoping you may have some advice. I started having some pain just under my stomach and then started to bleed in stools. I varied between diarrhoea and 'normal' stools with and without blood. So doc sent me for endoscopy and OGD. The stomach was fine but they saw areas of inflammation in my terminal ileum.

I waited 4 weeks for the results of the biopsies and in this time I had severe pain with black diarrhoea. I went to my GP and they put me on antibiotics until my results came back. I dropped 14 lbs in weight in a week. The pain subsided but still hurt when I ate. I ate bland food and this seemed to help a little as well. I then became constipated for about 2 weeks with and without blood.

So, I then went to get biopsy result (GP had told me she was nearly sure it was Crohn's). Turns out there is no abnormality in the cell structure....which is great! But, I'm still having pain. The GI surgeon is going to see me again in 4 weeks but is doubtful I am bleeding that much as I'm not anaemic and my inflammatory markers aren't raised. He says if it doesn't settle in the 4 weeks they will try to scan higher in the small intestine. Has anyone else had a similar story? Feel like I'm crazy but I can't have made up the pain, looking like death, the blood and the weight loss! Could this all just be a one-off inflammation and not be related to IBD? Would be really happy with any comments/advice!!
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From your description it sounds like you could have IBD. You know your body better than anyone else. Keep pushing the doctor for answers. Let us know how you are doing.

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