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Weird Itching

Hi guys,

I'm very new to this blog, and I've recently started treating my Crohn's with Enotocort. But even before starting the treatment, I've been experiencing weird itching all over my body, sometimes even in my nose and ears. Usually, I have these symptoms when I have a flare with my stomach symptoms. It would also coordinate it with joint/muscle discomfort and eye dryness/itchiness. I'm trying to figure out if it could be related to Crohn's. Has anyone of you experienced anything like that?

Thanks for your help!
All the best,
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It all could be related to Crohn's. Especially the joint/muscle discomfort and the eye dryness/itchiness. I get itching but that comes from psorasis which sometimes happens with people who have IBD. You should ask your doctor about these symptoms. Best to you.
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All-over itching can be a sign of serious illness. It may be nothing really, but you never know unless you have it checked out.

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Pollen counts would be high now and can cause general all over itching including in the ears

Could as simple as allergies which can develop at any time .
Please see an allergist
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The Entocort made me itch madly for a couple of weeks.

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