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Not sure what this pain is?

Hi guys,

I'm undiagnosed at the moment, but its looking pretty likely that I have IBD. I'm seeing a gastroenterologist on the 27th to have a colonoscopy, so hopefully I'll get some answers then.

Until then I have a pretty urgent question. I have a terrible, sharp, acute pain in the right side of my lower abdomin. Its been so bad that I haven't been able to walk without being in pain. Moving too quickly is incredibly painful. All of my lymph nodes are up still. The pain developed around 1am this morning. Its still really bad if not worse 13 hours later. I don't know what this pain is or what to do. I'm worried it is my appendix or an abscess.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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Not sure what the pain is but I think the area you mention is the terminal ileum. Call your doctor and tel him what is going on. Keep us updated.
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The lower right quadrant of the abdomen is the location for the most commonly affected area for inflammation. Ileocecal crohns is the most common and located at the ileocecal valve(connection between large and small bowel.

That being said since you haven't been diagnosed yet and this pain seems to be ongoing a call to the on call GI might be a good idea. If you start to question whether you should go to ER or not due to the pain it's always safer to go.

Usually with an obstruction youll have severe pain, nausea, vomiting sometimes fever. An abscess would need to be determine by testing.

Before my son was started on meds he would have pain to the right of his belly button and a little lower that would keep him in bed, in tears, often with night time fevers. His CD was found to be located at his ileocecal valve.

Definitely let your GI know that you have had this ongoing symptoms tomorrow ifor nothing else.
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Thank you both of you! I rang my GP and I'm going in a little bit over an hour. I'll keep you guys updated.
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Hope it went well and hope its not to serious , prayers and support
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Pain in the lower right quadrant is quite common for Crohn's. The Terminal ileum is the end of the small intestine. It joins the Colon at the illeoceacal valve. That is where my Crohn's presented itself. It is the most common location for Crohn's to show up. I hope your appointment goes well today.
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Hi guys, just thought I'd update you.

I went to my GP (not my usual GP) and told him what I was feeling and described the pain for him. I also told him that I was currently being investigated for Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis. He took my temperature (37.3 celsius), and felt my stomach. He then said that he thought that I had appendicitis and that I should go to the hospital straight away.

So thats what I did. I went to the hospital, was made to wait in Emergency for 2 hours after seeing triage without pain medication. Then after telling the admissions clerk that my pain was getting worse, they gave me pain medication. Then they tried putting a cannula in for FIVE hours because I was so dehydrated and sick that my blood vessels were not cooperating. It took two nurses, two doctors and a ultrasound machine to find a blood vessel. Once they had my tests results back they said that there was nothing that would indicate that it was appendicitis. So they scheduled me for an ultrasound.

The ultrasound hurt like hell because they pushed so hard onto my abdominal area. I was on morphine at the time, and it was so painful that I was crying from the pain. They said that they couldn't see my appendix with the ultrasound, and that my uterus and ovaries looked good (that was a relief). So they sent me for a CT scan.

The CT scan showed that I had mesenteric adenitis. They said that it was consistent with the theory of Crohn's or Ulcerative Colitis. Then they gave me food and endone. They said that I could stay overnight if I wanted to, but I really wanted to go home and lie in my own bed. I was really relieved that it wasn't life threatening, so I went home last night.

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