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Partial blockage?

Hello everyone.
My name is Jilly and am 72. Diagnosed with Crohn's 2 years ago and have probably had it a lot longer but they said it was IBS.
Not long out of hospital after a blockage. Now i am at home on steroids and my plumbing returned to normal but the last week I have been constipated. GP gave me Lactulose which works ( side effects are not nice). But I now haven't been again and am wondering if anyone knows if this could be some sort of blockage again and how long should I wait before I take action? No pains or cramps which is pretty weird for me.
The first time I had the obstruction my bowel was dead - no movement or wind just like some one had flicked a switch. CT showed extensive damage to the small bowel, etc. Now I am anxious incase I will have another obstruction.
Can anyone tell me what they think please?
I'm to old for this unkind game my auto immune system is playing on me.
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When I had a obstruction or partial obstruction it was due to strictures not non-motility which it sounds like happens to you in the past. For me I have extreme pain and nausea. However since your mechanism of blockage is different I don't know what the symptoms of that would be. When was the last time you have had a BM? Have you been able to eat? You should let your doctor know(are you seeing a GI or just a GP?)
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I have just replied to your email and have gone and lost it so here goes again.
I have no pain or nausea at the present. My 'normal' symptoms are cramps, pains and diahorrea now I have wind that's all. I am eating but feel stuffed.
I am under a GI and my GP is helping me - she has prescribed me Laculose which makes me go but bad side effects.
If I am having another stoppage I would not have any wind but I cannot understand where all the food is backing up to - it's in there somewhere.
I am waiting now for another colonoscopy for biopsies - all the correct blood tests are being done for the nasties, eg, HIV, Hepatitis, etc. Etc.
CT shows wall thickening, and distention with terminal ileum involvement and prominebt mesnteric nodes within the pelvis.
This begs the question as to how they can see properly the damage done as the CT was taken when I was in hospital so there's going to be distention at that time. Don't know what a BM is sorry. Thanks for replying so quickly - Jilly
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BM means bowel movement. When I had an obstruction, I would get filled up before I had finished a meal but everyone is different.

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