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What to eat on pasta?

What should I try on pasta other than red sauce? I know red sauce will probably make my current flair up worse. I know everybody is different but some suggestions would be great. Thank you!
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I have just bought a pasta maker and was also wondering what sauce to make, I am not a fan of tomato sauce and cant eat spices at the moment. Would love some ideas.
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I sprinkle Parmesan and light olive oil and a small amount of butter on the noodles.
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Pesto works well for me.
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Yes pesto is always a good one. Another option is to cook the pasta, drain it and then mix in smoked salmon slivers, crème fraiche and de-skinned chopped tomato. Stir it all through while still on low heat and serve, easy peasy and very soothing. Add some basil for extra flavour.

Otherwise gently fry some chopped chicken fillet with courgette (zucchini) and some mushrooms. When tender and fully cooked, mix in something to make a sauce, cream cheese, crème fraiche or soy/almond milk if you prefer not to have lactose. Pour over the pasta, add some parmesan if you can eat that without issue and off you go.

Vary these basic recipes with ingredients you know you can digest without problems.
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