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Guest Assistance/Vacation

Hi guys,

So I'm still feeling wonderfully 100% healthy and only bathrooming once a day whilst continuing on 15mg of pred and about to start 125mg of Imuran. Since the nature of the disease is unpredictable, would I/ my family be entitled to a Guest Assistance Pass at Universal Studios/Busch Gardens/ Other attractions?

I'm going on holiday to Florida in the summer from the United Kingdom and we have passes for 5 major parks. Fingers crossed the 9 hour plane journey goes okay, but am a little apprehensive about queueing due to unpredictable nature of bathroom needs/fatigue etc after I stop the pred.

Any help will be hugely appreciated,

Kind Regards.
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Maybe. Not sure on their specific rules but I know at Disney they can't ask for documentation and you just describe what accomodations you need and they decide if you get a pass/what it allows you to do. I assume it is similar for Universal.
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Bumpies :-)
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If you go on the Universal website, I believe you can find out information about that....I did hear recently that Disney is cracking down on their passes, as people have been abusing them. So, be prepared to have some type of documentation, or at least call in advance to find out what you need to do.

BTW, we are heading to Disney in October! Did Universal Studios last fall.....they are GREAT!

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I'm also in remission and I just took a somewhat similar vacation (in terms of a long flight & going to Disney). I went to Japan, flew from Chicago to Tokyo - 13 hour flight! The jet lag did affect my guts for a few days each way, I mainly had some cramping and d and just felt really exhausted. After my body acclimated to the time change, though, then I was fine. So I'd say give yourself a couple days where you can mostly just rest after flying before you do anything too strenuous.

I went to Tokyo Disneyland on the final full day of my trip (I was in Japan for 3 weeks total) and I fortunately didn't need any sort of assistance. Tokyo Disneyland is, relatively speaking, a very small Disney park - Disney World in Florida is a huge park so be prepared for lots of walking (you may be able to rent a wheelchair if a lot of walking isn't going to work for you). Before I went, I made sure to check out the menu options online and where the bathrooms were ahead of time so that I knew where and what I'd be able to eat and there wouldn't be unknowns about food and bathrooms. Also you might want to look up a show schedule for when you'll be there - it gets very warm and humid in Florida, and you might want to go inside an air conditioned show just to cool down and rest at times.

Honestly though, I think you'll be fine! I was really nervous about my trip as well, particularly with the language barrier (I only know a handful of Japanese words & phrases), not to mention the unpredictable nature of IBD, but everything went great. Being on vacation apparently does great things for my guts, my stools were better than ever and I was eating a lot and walking around a lot and felt really well. So hopefully you'll do similarly well. Have fun!
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Bumpies ~

Will a GP/Consultant either privately or on the NHS charge me for a benefit note?

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