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Protein sources in liquid diet

Aside from the protein shakes (which are very expensive where I live), what are other sources of protein I can consume in a liquid diet?

I'm going to include them in my diet, but I just can't depend on them as the sole source of protein.
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BCAA's (branched chain amino acids). Depending on what company you get it from m, it will contain at least 4-9 essential amino acids which are proteins. This should not be relied on for a major source of proteins but can be utilized for a great health benefit. Any supplement shop will carry them in flavored and powdered form to mix with water. If you want to be extremely cost effective you can go to and purchase a kilogram of unflavored instantized bcaa's for about $25. At any store they will be about 300grams for $30. Also "ISOPURE" protein water is a zero carb water with great flavored and 40grams of protein as well as 10g of essential amino acids that I drink daily but it's as expensive if not more than other protein products. Hopefully this was somewhat helpful
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Is the liquid diet just for consistency?

Liquid egg whites, but only do it once a day and take biotin on the other end of the day as uncooked eggs can impede biotin absorption and lead to deficiency.

You can make you own by looking up how to pasteurize eggs at home.

I get a lot of my protein through Fairlife milk.
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Whole milk (lactose free if you cannot tolerate) Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAS) and you could always order protein powders online. They are a life saver when I'm in a liquid diet situation and I can order pounds of the stuff. Gainer shakes also kept my protein, wight and carb intake up.

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