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Cdiff and crohns combined help

So a couple of months ago the doctors for whatever reason put me on cipro and flagyl for illeitis before diagnosing me with Crohn's disease. After I finished these antibiotics I picked up cdiff and was treated with flagyl for two weeks. Then I went out for spring break and got so sick that I had to go home and be hospitalized. I have now been on vanco and flagyl for 3 weeks and I am really hoping my infection has cleared up because I end antibiotics tomorrow. However, I am also on prednisone and pentasa (which I hate both) for the flare. I just want to know how to tell if the cdiff is gone because I really want to start living a semi normal life 😔 Especially with crohns it is so hard to differentiate cdiff D from crohns D. I have also been bleaching and taking probiotics and hand washing religiously.
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Go to your doctor and have him test yoiu for c diff. I wish you the best.
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I think you're doing exactly what you should be doing, bleaching and religious hand washing.. I had gotten cdiff pretty severely last summer and ended up having a fecal transplant after my third round of vanco. I also work in a hospital tho where I'm exposed to it frequently. Just keep doing what you're doing.. I used VSL#3 for my probiotic and that helped immensely.
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