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Ducolax/Miralax Split Prep

Hi Friends,

I am scheduled tomorrow at 1030 for a colonoscopy. However, this is the first time I am using the split prep. I took the 4 ducolax at 1:45, and then the first 32oz of the miralax Gatorade mixture between 5-6... Still nothing. Called the doc's answering service - left a message. Has this happened to anyone else? Not my first rodeo but this certainly is the longest I have waited before.

Nothing odd, cereal for breakfast and coffee. No solid foods the remainder of the day. I don't even feel too bloated. Barely distended like I normally am. Definitely feel a little gurgling and had two small BMs right before I took the ducolax.

Is it possible I don't have any BM tonight and tomorrow with the rest of the 32oz, I will be dealing with this!!! And trying to get to the appt without needing the bathroom lol

I don't suspect a bloackage. Had em before and I have zero pain whatsoever...

Thanks all!
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I'm not sure. We've always been on clear liquid for the whole of the prep day for my son. So say scope is on Friday at 10:30 am then starting at 12 am Thursday morning and all through Thursday it's all clear liquids no solids, so like broth, jello, ice pops, sprite, Gatorade and apple juice and we start the dulcolax Thursday afternoon about 2pm, gatorade mixed miralax about 3pm and finish up by 6 or 7pm.(usually alot quicker). He's generally cleaned out by 9pm or 10pm.

I will say though once it starts it's really fast for my son.
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I did this prep the other day. You will start going. My directions had me doing all 64 oz at 6 pm until it was finished. This one just takes a little longer than the other preps. But trust me you will start. I thought the same thing at first but then it worked
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Update: My doc called me back and said not to worry it will eventually start. And sure enough I woke up a few times in the night, and I have been going since I woke up at 6am. Hopefully this thread can help someone else in the future! Thanks all.

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