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Shakeology Advice


I am just wondering if anyone who is NOT a team beach body coach has any experience with Shakeology and their Crohn's Disease?

I am reading many stories of success with the product, but almost every instance, I see they are a coach, which makes me less inclined to believe just how much they say it works. No offense to these people and I'm glad they found something they are passionate about, I just don't know them personally so them working for the company creates some hesitation.

So I am seeking any honest, good or bad, stories from people who have tried it without getting involved in the company itself.

Thank you!!
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I tend to stay well clear of products that are marketed like Shakeology.
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While I was a coach (not anymore, and just did it for the discount), I'm not the one with Crohns. My husband was dx'd with Crohn's in the TI in 2013 with an ER visit and 4 days in the hospital. He has no symptoms other than gurgling. We've had several FCP test done prior to him starting Shakeology all of which were around 350-355. Our last FCP test was taken in December after he starting drinking shakeology (reg chocolate) in September. His FCP actually went down to 340. Now, I have NO medical data to back up that is was the Shakeology, but it's the only thing we changed. He takes alot of supplements, LDN and Lialda. He has since added CBD oil, so the FCP won't be able to give shakeo the credit when the number (hopefully) goes down. I do want to say, while shakeology is unfortunately, tied to the MLM marketing pyramid. It is actually a very good product. It has TONS of vitamins included that your just not gonna get from a ordinary vitamin. Me personally, it kept my bloating and regulatory in check. I still plan to drink it, even though I have decided to cut ties with the "team" I was on. Hope that at least helps a little.
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Fcp of 350 to 340 is not significantly different
I stay away As well
Plenty of good nutritional supplements out there that do not require "coaches "
Ds drinks peptamen Jr and has for years
EEN with polymeric formula or semi elemental formula has been proven to induce remission

Organic versions of just supplemental would be orgain
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While I understand the 15 point difference isn't "significantly different", it helps to have ALL the advice and not just ones based on the fact that its comes from a MLM group, and the negative stigma that those have. I researched and researched, before I bought. There are various different products on the market that produce great results, and the one that works for each individual needs to be found for that individual. I will say shakeo contains "green tea" extacts which is basically caffeine, so if that bothers you might consider that. You CAN buy shakeo straight from beachbody without a coach. We stay away from ENSURE or anything that has carrageenan in it as its shown to cause inflammation. So Shakeo, subs quite nicely for ENSURE in our house..
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No carragean in peptamen Jr or peptamen btw
It's semi elemental so easier for the gut to digest

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