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How long do the MRI's take?

Nothing to say here, just wondering how long the MRI's for small bowel take? Also, am I allowed to ask to be put under, I feel as thought I would not be able to handle such a small space for more than 3 minutes.
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Test answer?

About 20 minutes.
I don't think you can be put under as you have to breathe in and out at certain times and listen to instrucions.

It's not scary at all, your head doesn't go in the machine, you lie on your belly and don't even see the machine so it doesn't feel confined at all.
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Hey, mine was about 40 mins apparently but I agree with Layla, I don't think you can be put out because of the breathing but as you don't go in head first it isn't as scary and you have a button you can press if you do panic
Hope you get on ok!
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My reply is same as above.I had to lie on my stomach and a broad weight belt thing (?)
was placed across my lower back.I was give ear phones with music,but because I had to put my head on the side,to avoid suffocation in the pillow,they were useless.
The machine / procedure is quite noisy,but you get used to it,and it's not scary.You're given a panic button but try not to use it as it will interrupt the scan and make it longer.

Let us know how you get on.
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Ds just had one last week
40 minutes but his was an mre
Drank stuff about 40 minutes prior
Layers on the table on his belly
A plastic spine board thing strapped down on his back
Ear plugs /headphones
Very cold room lots of air blowing through the tube that ds needed warm blankets
Stopped twice
Once for glycogen injection in Iv
Once for galulidium ( contrast )

Good luck
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I have an MRE scheduled for tomorrow morning. It will be my third one. If it's anything like a regular small bowel MRI, you'll be on your stomach with a brace placed across your back. Your head will be on the board and outside of the actual MRI tube, so it doesn't feel claustrophobic. I just close my eyes and listen to the music and instructions, and it's over before you know it. The worst part of the MREs is after drinking all of the contrast and the IVs, I always have to pee really bad during the second half of the scan.
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