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Small intestine Barium test

Hey, moved to a new town in Sept last year. Just this last month I got a colonoscopy after not having one for about 3 years. I'd say I'm doing pretty well and just on a maintenance dose of 2 Asacol pills a day. New doc says I should have a small bowel follow through with a barium swallow test. What got my attention was that he said I should get this done every six months! This seems very odd to me as I haven't had one of these done in over 10 years. I've also moved 3 times in the last 10 years and none of my Doc's have ever suggested this. When I did have a barium test it was after I had a large and small bowel resection in 2003. My question is is this common practice? Isn't it only if you are having issues? How often should this be done? Every 6 months sounds crazy. Every two years maybe after I have a colonoscopy? Or only if I'm having some serious symptoms? I'm currently doing just fine. I'm not really happy with the new doc scheduling appts for everything. Minor blood test? Come in for the results. "With Crohn's we need to see you every 3 months" umm it's been every 6 my whole life unless I'm having some sort of issue. I feel like they are just trying to make money booking extra appts.

What do you think? Thank you anyone who can respond.

Crohn's Disease Forum » Tests for IBD » Small intestine Barium test
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