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Strictures and Adalimumab

I have Crohn's diagnosed 2 years ago. I have a section of my intestine strictured (narrowed down due to inflamation) and also a fistula which drains from the small intestine to the colon.

Last month, I had bilateral ischio-rectal abscesses with a horse-shoe fistula drained. The GI wants me to start with Adalimumab which is also supposed to help the fistulas heal.

The risk factor here is that the stricture may also block completely, in which case the surgeon will need to remove about 12 inches of the diseased part.

Anyone here faced a similar issue with Adalimumab?
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I was put on Humira to stop the strictures from happening! My current ones are due to inflammation and they have improved since being on Humira.
(The previous ones were removed as they were due to scarring)

Why do you think Humira will increase structuring?
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There is some kind of an hypothesis that remicade/humira, when working "too well", could form a scar tissue due to the stricture healing too fast.
I am not sure that this hypothesis is well based at all, though...
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There is research that supports the scar tissue/stricture thing. I have read it but don't have it at my fingertips here to link.
I have a daughter on ADA and I am worried also about the possibility that it is causing narrowing while at the same time helping her.
I'm not sure what you should do but it is worth further investigation.

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