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How to have a more natural diet?

I was thinking that along with the medicine helping it would be better to eat less processed junk and steer away ingredients that would likely do harm like Caraggean. I was wondering how you all attempt for a natural diet avoiding as much processed food as you can (and what other things you have been avoiding). If you could list maybe some meals you have usually just so I have an idea.
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Personally, I went to Japan last month and I found that Japanese food did really good things for my digestive system. So now that I'm home again, I'm trying to incorporate more Japanese foods into my everyday diet - things like rice, fish, seaweed, noodles, broth. And more fruits and veggies as well - I ate strawberries almost every day that I was in Japan (they were in season and so delicious) and those also sat really well with me. So now I'm making sure to eat strawberries and other fruits as often as possible - my body rejected blackberries (they passed through me undigested), but I've been able to eat strawberries, blueberries, plums with skins removed, peeled kiwi fruit, and raspberries with no issues. I've been having more avocado as well and that's been going pretty well. Too much avocado and my body will just reject it because I can't handle so much fat content all at once, but as long as I stick to about a half an avocado a day and no more, then I'm okay. I've even been having small salads here and there without much issue - I do okay as long as I have a small salad as part of a larger meal. If I eat a meal-sized salad then I'm in trouble though! So yeah, more fruit & veggies and more Japanese foods for me and that's been going well.
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I eat Paleo diet.
Example: breakfast: eggs mixed with spinach and side of fruit. Apple juice
Lunch: smoked salmon with avocado and side of veggies or nuts/seeds. Water
Dinner: chicken, side of veggies. Grape or apple juice
I do cheat with 85% good dark chocolate
I eat homemade paleo compliant breads
I bought a couple books and find recipes on internet. It takes time and money and lots of planning meals out in advance.
My thought process when shopping is if something has more than 1-2 ingredients I need to think about what I'm buying...
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I make big pots of soup, lentil, cauliflower, broccoli,'s a good way to get veggies into my sometimes picky son. Also, fruit smoothies with almond milk or almonds and water if you have a high powered blender. I buy or make whole grain breads usually. Homemade pizza covered in roasted veggies is a favorite.
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I eat a diet inspired by the diet put forth by Dr L Wilson in his Nutritional Balancing program. It's a diet mainly consisting of cooked vegetables with some animal protein each day. I mostly buy organic produce these days (rutabagas, swiss chard, celery root, sweet potatoes, leeks, bok choy.) There's a list of foods you should avoid today like peanut butter (aflatoxins), fruit (too yin/ sugary), rice (arsenic issue), and chocolate. Fruit would also include avocados (too yin).

One meal I have is either roasted brussel sprouts in olive oil (with some cumin and garlic powder), with some organic cottage cheese or almond butter on top. Or I cook up a bunch of cubed/sliced organic rutabagas with organic cottage cheese or yogurt.

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