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Humira, Stress and Not Liking My Dr. Vent

I started my Humira loading doses almost two weeks ago. This Friday is a regular dose. My specialist keeps pushing me to eat regular foods and I am tired of it. Drinking bone broth and drinks such as Ensure and Boost have not hurt my stomach. I have some extreme stress at work that has been going on for over a month. Many things have been going wrong lately and I contacted my specialist last week because I had been crying uncontrollably. I would cry at work and without a reason. My PCP does not have me set up as new patient but will after Thursday. I have waited 5 months for a new patient set up. Anyway, today my specialist referred to a test that was completed almost 4 months ago to assess the severity of my Crohn's. I told him that the inside of my mouth is peeling and I'm tired of feeling rotten. He then suggested steroids. No thanks. My emotions are already out of control. I think adding steroids could be dangerous as these tend to mess with my mood significantly.

I think my PCP needs to help me figure out how to manage the depression and anxiety. I've never been depressed nor anxious and I feel like I'm completely losing it lately.
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Can you see a psychologist ?
They can help tremdously with cognitive behavioral therapy
As well as just plain listening
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I'm sorry you're going through this. I'm sure we can all say we've had times like this, but if you find its really effecting you, I'd see someone to deal with it. I hope the Humira helps you soon.
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I wanted to thank those that responded for the support. I actually went to see my GI specialist and he was his usual uncaring self and did not want to discuss my inability to eat and sleep. He actually stated that he did not feel that my condition was severe enough to be causing me so many issues. I reminded him that I had not had any labs in awhile and was quite tired of him telling me how I should and should not be feeling. I also informed him that zero people that I know have a goal of staying on a liquid diet. I then advocated for a change and scheduled an appointment with a new specialist. I also met with my new PCP and she was great. She checked my levels and my Vit D was low and I am barely maintaining normal B12 levels with weekly injection, adding B12 enhanced flavoring to water, multivitamin and nutrition drinks. She seemed concerned that my hair is falling out and my sleep patterns.

She prescribed me Ativan to use for a week and prescribed a liquid form. My pharmacy changed this to tablets without asking me so I no longer use that pharmacy either. I found an amazing pharmacy that does not change anything and is super helpful. They are always friendly and never treat me as if I'm a drug dealer when I go to pick up my medications.

The Ativan is a bit much...I take a tiny tiny dose but it has helped me get back to a normal sleep routine. I am feeling better and more positive again. I met with an attorney about my work issue and decided that life is too short to stress over small things.

P.S. Humira is not the greatest. It burns like nothing I've ever known and I get a rash with welts that look like huge mosquito bites. I've called the Humira number and have been told this is a normal reaction for many.
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I think a lot of us find that we need more than one dr as the GI's seem to limit themselves mostly to GI stuff and very little else. I use my GP (do you call that a PCP?) for everything else like vitamins and not sleeping etc.
She put me on Amitriptyline to improve sleep, I'm only on 10mg which is a really low dose but it helps for sleeping and it also takes the edge of prednisone induced aggression. And even now that I'm no longer on pred it just makes it easier to cope with life so it could be good for you with your work issues too. It's not addictive so safe to take long term. Ask your doctor about it whether it might be suitable for you.
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