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Announcing Diagnosis to Friends and Family

Hi, I was diagnosed with Crohns in 2014, and had things under control for about a year now. I've kept my condition quiet to many as if I'm honest I felt embarrassed at first, but now I feel ready to tell my friends and family. I'm thinking of writing on Facebook as I have all my close friends and family on there and I don't think I could manage telling them all face to face. I just don't want to make it dramatic and formal. I have no idea how to start it, so if anyone has any ideas they are more than welcome

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Do whatever you are comfortable with. My approach is to keep to a "need to know basis." Which means almost no one beyond my immediate family has been informed.
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Send them each private messages.
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Only you know what is right to do for you. But I personally didnt have to say anything due to family telling eachother (mum telling nan, nan telling others) so even some I dont ever see know ive got my illnesses. I wish really it had been left for me to choose/say as I felt I was a topic for 'gossip'. Personally I wish no one except close friends and very immediate family knew. If you might have to let someone down with plans together due to your illness, then tell them. It can bring you closer rather than thinking your distant or flake out on plans.
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It just kind of evolved for me, I never had to 'come out' so to speak, because of all the appointments and things, it just came up naturally in conversation. It doesn't bother me at all that family and friends might talk about the fact that I have crohns, I'd rather that than feel any need to hide it.
I've never felt the need to hide it from anyone, it's nothing to be ashamed of, in fact the more people who know then maybe the more knowledge, generally, about IBD.
For me, I wouldn't have liked to have to have kind of announced 'guess what, I have crohns!'. I don't think anyone's that interested to be honest...
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You could post a Crohn's disease logo.

My friends and family found out when I was hospitalized for five months.
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When I was first diagnosed I was so sick people knew I had a big problem we were trying to
figure out. When we moved I didn't tell anyone until my good friend and her brother were talking about it. They both have CD. We moved again and I didn't tell anyone until I started working full time and began another flare up. The older I get the less I care about keeping it hidden. It was to stressful!


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