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Sick of being sick

For the last month I've been having some major issues and am struggling to find out the cause of my issues.
It started roughly 2 months ago with a really bad case of food poisoning this cleared up but I never recovered fully. Then a few symptoms started popping up here and there like narrow stools, nausea, pain under ribs, breathlessness the list goes on. I can eat for a couple of days then I have to not eat for a couple to feel better.
The only time I have felt a little bit normal is when I'm on antibiotics. The doctor has done an abdominal X-ray which showed loading in my small intestine but no dilation of the intestines so she didn't think it was a partial blockage. I had a cat which came back normal.
Yesterday I had a colonoscopy which showed some redness and inflammation in my resection site at the start of my small intestine which they took some biopsies from. I felt fine last night but woke up this morning with right side abdominal pain when moving or coughing. I have been to the toilet but it was all small pieces and now my bowel is cramping without being able to go to the toilet. The hospital called this afternoon to go their check I explained the symptoms to them but they just said if it really starts to worry you come in. I don't know what to do this has been going on so long now I feel like I'm losing my mind and maybe I'm imagining it.
I don't know where to go from here, they have scheduled me for an MRI next week. I'm on humira and all was going well until this started.
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I would go to the ER. Let us know how you are.
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Either call your Doc or go to the ER.

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