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Fistula plug. Questions. Please help me!

please help . I ask in all forums but no one answers .
I am three weeks after surgery plug. I 'm worried .
I have a few questions for people who have the plug.
1. how long fistula drainage?
2. What liquid and in which color leaked? ( i hawe yellow and light brown liquid)
3. after defecation or after walking was more liquid?
4. The fistula passing gas?
5. I also leaks out of the anus. it seems to me that it is the same liquid as the fistula . is it possible?
Feces through the fistula no flies...

Please help me!
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Hi, I had an unsuccessful fistula plug two years ago so I will try to answer your questions the best I can remember;

1. The fistula continually drains, this is until the wound heals and hopefully for you the fistula plug bridges the gap where the drainage is escaping from.
2. I had many colours, brown, white, yellow cream and red blood. My plug failed after two weeks and a huge lump of creamy coloured sticky mucus came out of the wound.
3. Anytime I got up and tried to move around after surgery the drainage became increased. My drainage always increased after a bowel movement.
4. It is normal for the fistula to pass gas as it has an abnormal connection and after surgery air will escape any slight gap it can. Remember the idea of the plug is that it grows outwards to fill the gap- this will take time to do if it is successful.
5. Yes it is possible, unfortunately through some stages I had fecal matter coming through my fistula. The anus will leak as your anal sphincter muscles are weakened due to the surgery and the fact you cannot push after surgery.

Hope these answers help. Hang on in there, try not to panic. All you can do is try to rest and eat well to keep your bowel movements as soft as possible. Patience and perseverance is the key with these pesky fistulas. Hopefully you will be feeling much better now since posting this.

Sending healing thoughts. :-)

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