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Humira routine in UK

I may be started on these self injections due to developing what's looking like infliximab induced psoriasis, and I have a few questions..
I see in the USA the loading dose is given as four injections one after the other, on the same day I think, is it the same in the UK?
How frequently are blood tests required?
How long does the health care nurse come to show you how to inject? Is it just for the loading doses?
Can the Humira be delivered to your local pharmacy, for you to collect there or does it have to be delivered to your own home or a nominated house?
Assuming you have no problems with this drug, will the drug company send more than one dose at a time eg. eight weeks worth, or won't they do that?
Are they reliable in their delivery?
Does the drug travel well and how do you pack it to travel? I'm talking mainly motorways but also flights. Because of our lifestyle we're regularly away from home for a couple of weeks and then back home for a week.
Thank you to anyone who can answer my questions, I'd be very grateful.
Bunty x
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Hello I haven't been on humira for a very long time but I will try and remember as much as I can.
You do have 4 injections the first time and then if I remember correctly 2 and then down to 1 every 2 weeks. Your dr will let you know how frequently they want your bloods done it may start with every couple of weeks then as long as it looks ok they will leave it longer usually a couple of months.
When I was on humira I went to the hospital for the loading doses of 4 and 2 but recently when I started a different drug was only visited once at home.
I had trouble getting my pharmacy to receive the delivery but there is no harm in asking your local one. I had them delivered to my home address and they will usually deliver a few so it won't be that every 2 weeks you will have to wait for a delivery. If you get it delivered through health care at home they are really reliable and on the day you can check online what time your delivery will arrive.
When I was on it I never travelled with humira I would just adjust the injection schedule a couple of days either side didn't make any difference at the time. I have heard of people getting cool bags similar to the one diabetics use for insulin for travel as the injections do have to stay below a certain temperature.
Hope this helps and if you have any other questions I can try and remember more for you, good luck with the humira.
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Thank you Kayleigh, it certainly does help.
If they do decide it's the way to go I'm sure it will all be explained but I like to know as much as I can in advance and you've answered all my questions.
Thanks again.
Bunty x

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