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Rectovaginal fistula from IBS?

I am 21 and have suffered from IBS ever since I was little. I used to have IBS-C when i was younger but the past three years I've had IBS-D. I am not sure how long this has been going on but when I wipe the front area down below, poo appears to be on the toilet paper especially when I have diarrhea. Also, after this happens my vagina is very itchy. I went to the doctor 1 year and 7 months ago and the nurse practitioner told me it was very unlikely that I have a rectovaginal fistula as I don't suffer from IBD. She inspected me down below but I have never had penetrative sex, so she would not look inside because my hymen would still be intact and she said that is something my partner should do. But I am not interested in finding a partner as I would not let them go near me knowing that poo is coming from that hole. She said it seemed like there was a bit of thrush so I used thrush cream. Ever since then, I am scared to go back to the doctor and I am just sick with this situation. I don't know how I could have a rectovaginal fistula, I am only 21 years old and I have never had a baby. I did have a colonoscopy 2 years ago and the guy who performed it was a trainee. I was in severe pain from the colonoscopy and it had to be stopped because I was nearly sick from the pain and the guy wasn't able to look into my small bowel. I am maybe wondering if this is related to my symptoms? I just know something isn't right... I have came here as people who have IBD and are suffering from fistulas will know more information.

Any answers or input or advice would be greatly appreciated and I hope you guys understand.
Thank you
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This sounds like a really sucky situation, I'm sorry.

MRIs are pretty effective at detecting fistulas - you could ask for one of those to try to see what is happening.

Is it possible you were misdiagnosed and actually do have Crohn's? Might be worth getting another colonoscopy to check. They aren't fun, but might give you some answers.
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That sounds pretty awful and you should not have to endure this situation a moment longer
Insist on seeing your family doctor and then ask to be referred to an experienced gastroenterologist..nobody other than this level of expertise.
This is a serious situation and could be indicative of an IBD,(inflammatory bowel disease)
It calls for an experienced GI to make a qualified diagnosis and suggest a course of treatment.
Maybe it's simple...maybe not...they are the experts.
Could you ask your mum to go with you to put some pressure on the GP.....
Just a thought....sometimes though people prefer to be alone with embarrassing situations.
Which is quite understandable.
You can also ask and insist on sedation for invasive and painful procedures like scopes.
Do it tomorrow.Please let us know how you get on.
Feel better soon
Hugs and best wishes
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I am very sorry to hear your struggle. My recommendation is that you go see a CRS (vs GI or doctors of other kind). A skilled CRS will take you to surgery and be able to trace the track all the way to its inner opening, which will confirm, much better than a MRI can, the presence of a fistula track. In that same surgery, CRS may also perform a Colonoscopy to rule out IBD. IMHO, you need to see an experienced CRS.
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