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Humira - temporarily effective?

Hi there

Was diagnosed with terminal ileum crohns in September 2015 though had been suffering with it for a long time (albeit a "mild to moderate" case, described by the doctor). I took entocort (and still do) which has somewhat lost effectiveness and can't be taken permanently anyway.

I tried azathioprine (Imuran) but had a bad reaction, so tried Humira instead. I began with a loading dose (4 pens) - which after feeling sick for half a day felt amazing - then 2 pens 2 weeks later, and 1 pen 2 weeks after that.

The trouble is that after the 2-pen dose I began to feel bad again about 3 days before the next dose was due. I took that and felt great again - however that dose (1 pen) only seemed to last about 4 days, and now I'm ill again with over a week til my next dose. Couple of questions:

- is there a maximum dose for humira and am I anywhere near it?
- semi related: my doctor mentioned there was another med that could be used with imuran to help with the side effects, is this true?

Seeing my doctor in a couple of weeks but wanted to see what you guys thought in the meantime as I feel so crap!! :-( thanks all!!
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Oh and if it helps I'm 29yo, 6ft4 and 84kg
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You may need to try another biologic instead of Humira. I would ask your doctor soon. Humira may have worn out for you. Let us know what he/she says. I hope you feel better soon.
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The GI can test levels of humira between injections or could opt to shorten your schedule to weekly.

Have you tried methotrexate in combo with humira? It's another type of immune modulator like Imuran but not of the thiopurine class.

Some times if your liver can handle the thiopurine class med they lower it and add allopurinol. Not sure if this would stop your side effects
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