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Short Term Memory Loss, Depression, and Fatigue

I don't want to make this a sob story because I'm sure many of you have gone through the same thing or worse, but I have been really struggling lately. I'm a senior in college right now and I had the surgery just over 2 years ago. For a while I was doing fine but these symptoms have been getting worse. The depression comes and goes, the fatigue is to the point where I don't even enjoy doing the things I use to love. I use to be a national competitor in powerlifting and would workout for four plus hours a day and now I find it difficult to even make it to the gym at all.

This isn't even the worst part, the memory loss is borderline unbearable. I use to not try in my classes and would easily get B's if not A's and now I'm struggling to C's. On top of that it's like I can't remember the little things like when you go upstairs for something and you get there and forget what you went up there for. This use to be a once a day thing but now its a every 10 minute thing. I feel like I'm losing my mind and I'm pretty sure my friends and family are thinking the same thing.

I guess what I'm asking is that, have any of you experienced this and what did you do to fix it?

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My son is 19 and I have noticed that his attention span isn't what it used to be. I'll be in the middle of explaining how to cook something or whatever and I can see him lose focus. He nearly starved to death twice and I do wonder if he suffered brain damage. Of course I don't say this to him. He seems to be improving, but will he ever be the person he was? I don't know.
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When i was at my worst I actually had almost no bowel symptoms or pain but was just exhausted all the time and had no memory just as you describe. It was like walking around with dementia.

It could be that it was caused by the lack of energy and perhaps blood loss, as it resolved with treatment as my energy went up.

But i also suspect it was down to vitamin deficiencies caused by the crohns. At the same time I had blurry vision, twitches all over, tinnitus and pins and needles/numb extremities. I now take lots of Magnesium and calcium which are important for nerve and neuron function. B12 can also cause it but i tested normal so wasn't so in my case.
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You mentioned depression-- depression can be associated with decreased concentration, attention , memory etc.

Have you been to your doctor about the fatigue? Have you had blood work for inflammation, anemia, B12, iron? These can also cause fatigue and B12 and iron can cause cognitive symptoms.

It is important to determine the cause so you can get the right treatment. If you haven't seen your doctor recently, i would make an apt to try to figure out what's up.

Hope you'll be feeling better soon!
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Hi i suffer terrible fatigue and my memory is crohicly bad. Tho im in remission and have been for over 2yrs i cant get rid of the above mentioned issues. I so hope you can tho. Best wishes 💕
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Yes I also get extreme memory loss and confusion, along with depression and severe fatigue. I've noticed that my spelling has got worse, and I'm mixing up letters and numbers, almost like dyslexia. I can struggle to explain ideas and construct sentences. It's worse when speaking than writing.

It's incredibly frustrating and upsetting, which in turns seems to make it worse. I know this is not really me. It's like walking around with a totally blank mind - the wires don't seem to be connecting properly in my brain!
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STRESS makes me stupid.
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The depression part, which I had for over thirty years turned out to be a simple thing. I lacked omega three fatty acids. Once I started using Krill Oil as a supplement, that went away for good. There are other causes as well, but that was mine in particular. Easy enough for anyone to test.

Physical fatigue was caused my a mycoplasma infection in my case. Also a major contributer to my Crohn's symptoms.

I still don't have a good memory for certain things. Names and dates are tough for me and always have been. Other things I never forget.

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I was having the same exact issues. It turned out that my depression was a result of my exhaustion. It wears on your brain to be so exhausted that it is all the energy you have to do your daily necessities of life. I'd literally have to talk myself into getting up to do dishes. The exhaustion was a result of my medications: Humira, Cimzia, then Methotrexate. I've gone off of all biologics and my energy and mood rebounded. I am transitioning to MMJ to stay off these drugs. Unfortunately i'm still dealing with fistulas, but i'm fighting it with a clear head and energy.

The memory loss and lack of concentration was from constantly having pain or exhaustion. When i didnt have exhaustion, i was in so much pain that it was hard to think about anything else. Again, i didnt know this until i got a fix. I finally asked for pain medication (Tramadol) and once i took that i could actually THINK again because i knew i had a solution that was only an hour away (time to reaction after dose taken) if my body acted up.

Maybe some of this information will be helpful to you. Good luck!
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I suffer from severe depression and anxiety. The year I was diagnosed was my absolute worse. I didn't get out of bed for the whole year and I also gained a lot of weight which made it worse. My boyfriend was a huge support for me as he stayed by my side (and still does) through everything. One day I was just tired of feeling like a bump on a log and talked to my doctor. I started seeing a therapist which really helped and she suggested I see a psychologist. It turns out I am bipolar and he put me on a mood stabilizer and anti depressant. After a couple weeks, I started feeling more like myself. I am not a huge fan of being on medicine to help my mood and I question my doctors field of study every day (which makes him mad but it's like a love/hate relationship).

I suggest talking to your doctor or possibly talking to a therapist. My therapist has given me numbers to a few local support groups in my area as well.

Just remember you're not alone and that many of us (not just us who suffer from IBD) go through depression. It's an ugly invisible and misunderstood disease but it is real and many people live with it.

As far as memory loss, I haven't really dealt with that. When I'm in pain I have a hard time concentrating but that's about it :/ so I'm not much help there.

I hope this helps! <3

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